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Mike Nelson

I participated in and completed a three month intensive training related to the Builderall platform in the fall of 2017.  The status of Certified Partner is gained upon completion and appraisal of an assigned project designed to determine knowledge of ability to work with the builderall platform.  The coveted "Certified Partner Badge" was awarded to me by Erick Salgado, founder and CEO of builderall, upon completion and his favorable appraisal of my submitted project.
You will find me active in several Facebook groups related to Builderall offering assistance and generalized general support to new and seasoned Builderall entrepreneurs as a moderator.
​​​​​​​In edition to my Certified Partner status am a Builderall Ambassador charged with the future recruiting and training of Builderall Business Owners.

Digital Marketer / builderall Certified Partner and Ambassador

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Justina Cook

builderall User

I met Mike through our Builderall family. Mike is a great guy who is always prepared to go the extra mile to help someone AND he is also a great Web Designer! I would recommend Mike to anyone that is looking for help with Digital Marketing.

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You can call on Mike in a time of need.  Unable to access my website while traveling to make needed corrections prior to a business presentation I reached out to the builderall community for help.  Mike responded to me within a very few minutes to offer assistance. His expertise and attention to detail saved the day for me!

Lynelle DeRoo

builderall User

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Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with. His mastery of Builderall is highlighted by his expertise with the page builders, in particular the responsive builder which he's truly conquered. Mike makes page building fun again!​​​​​​​

Kate Pullen

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Messenger Marketing

Let me share the newest and most effective form of online marketing as we build or increase interaction with your customers.

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New to Facebook advertising? Do you want to know where to start? Let me help you learn to set up a professional Facebook advertising.

Facebook Training

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Is your knowledge of Facebook marketing limited but you want to advertise on Facebook.  Let's give your business a boost by increasing your visibility online.

Facebook Consulting

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